Upington Guesthouse & Venue

Here at Waterfront Guesthouse you are offered the perfect balance between work & leisure with the most tranquil and private setting, right in the center of the ever developing town - Upington.

Our premises are set within lush gardens and greenery, with the backdrop to your stay being the Orange River. The boldness and simplicity of each guesthouse rooms transforms these original horse stables into an authentic house and the natural beauty of our premises takes you away from the realization of the city. We thus hope that you will find your stay with us most relaxing.


Here at our guesthouse in Upington , we believe in warm hospitality and a good night’s rest.

There is a saying that if you have tasted the water of the Orange River you will always return and so it will be our pleasure and privilege to be your host, and our hope to see you time and time again.

Come and enjoy the tranquility of the Orange River and hear the Fish Eagle's call.